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Mixed MicroGreens - Monthly 8) 5x5 Trays

Subscribe and receive weekly delivery of one 10 x 10 flats of mixed micro greens to your doorstep.  Microgreens arrive live in assorted varieties.   Deliveries will be on Friday before sundown.  Product will be delivered in growing medium for you to harvest when you are ready. 


Since their introduction to the Californian restaurant scene in the 1980s, microgreens have increasingly been recognized for thier beneficial health effects.  These aromatic greens, sometimes known as micro herbs or vegetable confetti, are rich in flavor and add a welcome splash of color and variety to your dishes.  They are also great in the juicer.   


Despite their small size, they pack a mighty nutritional punch, with higher nutrient levels than most mature vegetables. This makes them a desirable addition to any vitality diet.   

Mixed MicroGreens - Monthly 8) 5x5 Trays

1 Square foot
Price Options
Monthly ( 1 tray)
$48.00every month until canceled
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