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1st Generation Family Farm

Our micro-farming history goes back more than a decade to our first years of marriage.   My beautiful bride looked at me and said "Let's grow 25% of our food on our suburban acre within five years."  The next day I put on my straw hat and was building a chicken coop out of excess space in our woodshed.  The neighbors never looked at us the same way!  Now we desire, not only to feed our family wholesome foods, but we are privileged to share our abundance with you!


In 2020 we introduced Trufflehunter Farms to the Highlands/Cashiers plateau.  Now we are gearing up for a great 2022 season with our new MicroGreens Delivery service!   Our produce can also be found at Whole Life Market in Highlands and the Village Green Farmers Market on wednesday throughout the season.   It is going to be a tasty summer! 

What's in the name?   Well it has several meanings.  Trufflehunters would refer to our wonderfully famous Black Bears of course, and to the Kune Kune Pigs we raise.  Its also a reference to someone who lives life to find its treasure.  There a story in the book of Matthew where a man finds a treasure in a field, and sells all that he has so he can return and buy that field.   The treasure we have found, is our family returning to the farming lifestyle, this gorgeous woodlands we call home, and a land that secures freedom to seek the divine treasures in everyday life.  


Our Promise to you: No Chemical Pesticides, Organic Composted Fertilizer, Healthy Pasture Raised Meats during the growing season, and a taste that you won't find in the grocery stores.  

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